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Avant Guard

Say goodbye to single-use sheet masks forever. Avant Guard® is a patent-pending reusable silicone sheet mask you can pair with any of your favorite serums and moisturizers to create a custom sheet mask experience without the waste. Do your own experiments to find what works for you, but we recommend pairing this with hydrating serums for best results.

  • Barrier Supporting
  • Deep Hydration
Acid Lime
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Acid Lime
  • Infinitely Reusable
  • Hyper Stretch Ear Loops
  • Two Sizes For Best Fit
  • Avant Guard® is a patent-pending reusable silicone sheet mask you can pair with any of your favorite serums and moisturizers to create a custom sheet mask experience without the waste.

    Avant Guard® comes in two sizes for small heads and big heads. Use our quiz below to find your fit! Our Hyper Stretch™ ear loops adjust and stretch to form the perfect fit and keep your mask in place (even if you do a handstand) When you’re done just rinse and reuse again and again!

    Using Avant Guard is ridiculously easy

    Step 1

    After cleansing apply a generous amount of your fave hydrating products to your face.

    Step 2

    Layer Avant Guard on top, apply the forehead area first, then loop on the Hyper Stretch ear loops Wear for as little as 10 min up to an hour.

    Feel free to multitask while you wear it– someone told us they cooked their entire Thanksgiving dinner in it :o

    Step 3

    Remove the mask to reveal your unreal glow. Continue on with the rest of your routine. Rinse the mask with any soap and water, hang to dry, and reuse again and again.

    Avant Guard is made of 100% non-porus, stretchy silicone.

    Avant Guard produces 93% less carbon emissions and 90% less waste than single-use masks.

    Want receipts? See our full transparency report on Bluebird.

    I’m not sure what size to get!

    Use our Find Your Fit quiz below. If you’re unsure we suggest you size down!

    Can I use Avant Guard with exfoliating products or other strong actives?

    Important: Do not use Avant Guard over prescription treatments (ex: tretinoin), exfoliating products (ex: glycolic acid toner), or other actives that can be irritating on their own (ex: retinol). Avant Guard uses occlusion to aid in product absorption. Occlusion is a powerful force, and could lead to these actives irritating your skin for than normally if applied under Avant Guard. We suggest using these actives after your masking session!

    Can I sleep in Avant Guard?

    We recommend using Avant Guard for shorter term bursts of occlusion to help enhance product absorption and increase skin hydration. We don’t recommend you wear this mask for more than 8 hours though, some studies suggest that longer term occlusion (>8 hours) can disrupt your skin barrier, so this could be a case of “too much of a good thing.”Do your own experiments to see how long you like to wear Avant Guard for, you can try a nap if you’re curious!

    136% increase in skin hydration after 30 minutes of using Avant Guard + Super Saturated

    44% increase in skin hydration after 30 minutes of using Avant Guard + Super Saturated v. using Super Saturated alone

    Do you have a prominent Jaw Line?
    Would you consider yourself tall?
    Do you just feel like your head is kinda big??

    If you’re unsure, we recommend you size down!

    Don’t worry, we offer free size exchanges :)

    Mickey Wears Size Small Head, Evan Wears Size Big Head

    How Avant Guard Works

    Occlusion is the secret ingredient. Occlusive ingredients, or materials, put a protective layer over the skin that keeps moisture from evaporating out of your skin (aka Transepidermal Water Loss) Avant Guard is a silicone occlusive that effectively stops transepidermal water loss for skin that’s more plump, hydrated, and happy after use.

    144 Reviews
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    Write a Review
    Glowy for Hours Love, Love, LOVE this mask! Made me a mask lover! I love this mask!... Size small review I was skeptical; Now I'm Sold! Would absolutely recommend if you can spare extra time for skincare. It acts like a physical protection Vaseline. Perfect fit! love it so much!... Absolutely LOVE this mask!... Buy NOW! The mask is amazing!... A new must have A skincare game changer
  • lola null

    • Skin Type Combo + Acne Prone

    Selfie bait

    13 Days Ago

    This mask is ill fitting, like all silicone masks it seems an employee in a factory in China decided to stamp out a perfectly round smiley face shape for the mold. I have an oval face, and this product bags and sags at the chin, while having a pencil thin upper lip that shifts, and a third the cheeks are cut away in front of the ears. The ear straps are a good idea, but only the forehead and cheeks fit comfortably. The material is thin and made me sweat with a layer of the super serum. I didn't notice any additional hydration benefits, but that could be because their serum didn't do much for my skin. I wouldn't pay more than a fiver for this thing. Now if they really wanted to innovate, they'd have you upload a selfie and get a more customized fit for your face. That would be worth the price.

  • Deborah P

    • Skin Type Oily + Acne Prone
    Verified checkmark
    Verified Buyer

    Great fit!

    15 Days Ago

    Fits great, so much better than the cheap silicone mask I’d gotten online. This mask is comfortable and I’ll actually use it since it doesn’t pull on my ears

  • Christy W

    • Skin Type Combo + Sensitive
    Verified checkmark
    Verified Buyer

    Better than alternatives, but still small for some

    17 Days Ago

    I guess I just have an abnormally large face :/ but I expected the large size to be bigger. I specifically bought this to upgrade my Japanese version made for smaller faces that hurts my ears. When I lined it up against the new Avant Guard, they were the same size. I'm disappointed I paid $20 for what I've paid $2 for in the past. It's thinner than expected, but the ear straps are a lot more flexible, which helps save it. They make it a more comfortable than my alternative.