Take our Find Your Fit quiz! If you feel in between… we suggest you size down! For AG it’s better to have a snug fit rather than a fit that’s a little too loose.Still unsure? DM us on Instagram! We’re basically AG sizing experts at this point so we’ll get you on the right path.Feel like your fit is off? We offer free exchanges :) Just email us: hey@experimentbeauty.com and we’ll be happy to arrange an exchange.

If you feel like you’ve gotten the wrong size, we offer free exchanges :) Just shoot us an email: hey@experimentbeauty.com and we’ll be happy to arrange an exchange. 

If you’re unhappy with your AG experience, we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Currently we only ship within the United States. But we’re working every day to expand that either via our direct site or with retailers. Want shipping updates? Sign up for our email list and follow us on social to get the most up to date info! 

The beauty of AG is that you can Bring Your Own Serum (BYOS) to the masking party! The key is to use it with a hydrating product (toner, serum, moisturizer, etc) you already love.

Here’s some products we highly recommend using with AG from brands we 💚:

CosRX Snail Mucin, Stratia Liquid Gold, Topicals Like Butter, KraveBeauty Great Barrier Relief, Regimen WAVE serum, WLD KAT Saffron + Oat Milk Glow Serum, Selfmade Secure Attachment, Comfort+ Serum

Important: We don’t recommend you use AG with exfoliating products (like AHAs) and prescription treatments (like tretinoin). Occlusion can make these products penetrate deeper into the skin and cause more irritation than usual. Have questions about a specific product you want to pair with AG?Text us or DM on Instagram! We’re chemist-led brand so we have experts on standby 👩‍🔬

Check out our 30 sec how to video here.

In a nutshell:

Cleanse your skin and generously apply your favorite hydrating treatment to your face as normal. 

Layer on AG, holding it by the forehead and starting the application there. Once it’s stuck to your forehead, secure the Hyper Stretch™ ear loops and smooth down the rest of the mask to seal in all the juiciness. Enjoy life as an alien for 10min - 2 hours.

When you’re done remove AG and reveal your unreal glow. Continue on with the rest of your routine. Rinse AG and repeat for your next mask session.

Thanks to our super soft non-porous silicone, post mask clean up takes less than 15 seconds (yes, we timed it). When you’re done with your mask session, rinse AG with a little soap and water (literally any soap will do) and then hang to dry. You can also reuse the pouch AG comes in to store the mask for travel. 

We get this question a lot– it’s pretty tempting (especially on dry nights). TL;DR– feel free to try it out at your own risk but we’d stick to naps only!

We don’t recommend wearing it overnight for two reasons:

It’s kinda awkward… the mask will move around while you sleep unless you’re an expert back sleeper. 

Some studies show that long term occlusion of the skin (8+ hours) can actually disrupt your skin barrier overtime. Whereas short-term occlusion (<8 hours) can help build up and strengthen your barrier. The geeky details can be found on our socials @experimentwrld

It’s no secret that single-use products are pretty bad for the planet. Especially when it comes to waste generation. So eliminating the production and use of single-use products, like sheet masks, is a great way to be a little nicer to the earth.

Single-use sheet masks (SUSM) are one time use masks typically made of cotton or hydrogel, soaked in 5-10ml of serum, and packaged in a single-use plastic pouch. They may leave a hydrated glow after, many people are looking to move away from them due to the waste they create. SUSM work via occlusion, aka using a material to keep serum close to the skin to encourage it to sink in. Avant Guard (AG) works the exact same way, except it occludes better (100% silicone vs cotton) and it's completely reusable! You can get near infinite uses out of one Avant Guard purchase. Not only helping eliminate a single-use item from your skincare routine but also way better for your wallet! 

For our original, ride or die Experiment customers…

We soft launched in Nov. 2020 with AG 1.0. Starting with an off the shelf design (sourced in china) that we customized by adding size inclusivity, fresh color story, and a stretchier silicone material. The pouch it came in was made with virgin, mixed material plastic. 

But for this launch we upgraded everything. 

For AG 2.0 we redesigned the mask from the ground up with feedback from nearly 200 AG users, invented the Hyper Stretch™ ear loops, and patented both the small and large mask designs. We also upgraded the silicone to be even softer, thinner, stretchier, and 100% medical grade. You won’t find a reusable sheet mask on the market quite like AG.

Lastly, we moved our entire supply chain to the US (which is no small feat for a mighty team of two!) to ensure we wouldn’t be sold out for long periods of time and for sustainability reasons. By moving our entire AG supply chain to the US, we cut down on carbon emissions alone by 78%! 

We’re always improving AG, and optimizing where we can 💪 so thanks for being on this journey with us!

Shoot us an email with your order number: hey@experimentbeauty.com and we’ll make sure to get to it ASAP.

Great question! We firmly believe brands of the future have an obligation to always be optimizing their sustainability goals. But all too often, brands fall prey to greenwashing out of genuine ignorance or due to marketing motives. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Bluebird, an independent sustainability intelligence company on a mission to prevent greenwashing and decarbonize consumer goods. They analyze our entire supply chain, sales projections, and product usage to give us a real time snapshot of how we’re doing on carbon emissions and waste. They verify all our sustainability claims and are our guardrails against greenwashing. They also help us make decisions on the most sustainable choices for packaging and other fun things. We couldn’t be more proud to be one the first brands involved with them and this early on in our business. 

Love to hear it. Shoot us an email: partnerships@experimentbeauty.comand introduce yourself!

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