Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

If you feel like you’ve gotten the wrong size of Avant Guard, we offer free exchanges :) Just shoot us an email: and we’ll be happy to arrange a size exchange. If you’re unhappy with any of our products, we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Just shoot us an email with your order number.

Where do you ship?

Currently we only ship within the United States. If you live in Canada, you can purchase Avant Guard on the Canadian Urban Outfitters site.

How do I manage my subscription?

We use Skio to manage our subscriptions. You can log into your account here using the email address you provided when you checked out with your subscription. 

You can easily get a refill sooner, schedule it for later, skip a refill, or cancel.

Avant Guard

What happens if I buy the wrong size?

Take our Find Your Fit quiz! If you feel in between we suggest you size down to a small. For AG it’s better to have a snug fit rather than a fit that’s a little too loose.

Still unsure? DM us on Instagram! We’re basically AG sizing experts at this point so we’ll get you on the right path.

Feel like your fit is off? We offer free exchanges :) Just email us: and we’ll be happy to arrange an exchange.

What products do you recommend I use with Avant Guard?

The beauty of Avant Guard is that you can Bring Your Own Serum (BYOS) to the masking party! The key: use it with hydrating products (toner, serum, moisturizer, etc) you already love. 

We’re thrilled to have just launched our first serum, Super Saturated, which was designed to be used with or without Avant Guard. Truly the perfect companion to the mask. We hope you check it out.

However if you don’t have Super Saturated, here’s some products we recommend using with AG from brands we love:

CosRX Snail Mucin

Stratia Liquid Gold

Topicals Like Butter

KraveBeauty Great Barrier Relief 

Regimen WAVE serum

WLD KAT Saffron + Oat Milk Glow Serum

Selfmade Secure Attachment Comfort+ Serum

How do I care for Avant Guard?

AG is made of non-porous medical grade silicone so post mask clean up takes less than 20 seconds (yes, we timed ourselves). When you’re done masking, rinse AG with a little soap and water and hang to dry. You can also reuse the pouch AG comes in to store the mask for travel.

Can I use Avant Guard with exfoliating products or other strong actives?

Important: Do not use Avant Guard over prescription treatments (ex: tretinoin), exfoliating products (ex: glycolic acid toner), or other actives that can be irritating on their own (ex: retinol). Avant Guard uses occlusion to aid in product absorption. Occlusion is a powerful force, and could lead to these actives irritating your skin for than normally if applied under Avant Guard. We suggest using these actives after your masking session!

Can I sleep in Avant Guard?

We recommend using Avant Guard for shorter term bursts of occlusion to help enhance product absorption and increase skin hydration. We don’t recommend you wear this mask for more than 8 hours though, some studies suggest that longer term occlusion (>8 hours) can disrupt your skin barrier, so this could be a case of “too much of a good thing.”Do your own experiments to see how long you like to wear Avant Guard for, you can try a nap if you’re curious!

I’m confused, do I need to put the serum ON the mask?

No need to put serum on the mask, apply a generous amount of your fave hydrating products to your face like normal then layer the mask over.

How is Avant Guard different from a single-use sheet mask?

It’s no secret that single-use products are pretty bad for the planet. Especially when it comes to waste generation. So eliminating the production and use of single-use products, like sheet masks, is a great way to be a little nicer to the earth.

Single-use sheet masks (SUSM) are one time use masks typically made of cotton or hydrogel, soaked in 5-10ml of serum, and packaged in a single-use plastic pouch. They may leave a hydrated glow after, many people are looking to move away from them due to the waste they create. SUSM work via occlusion, aka using a material to keep serum close to the skin to encourage it to sink in. Avant Guard (AG) works the exact same way, except it occludes better (100% silicone vs cotton) and it's completely reusable! You can get near infinite uses out of one Avant Guard purchase. Not only helping eliminate a single-use item from your skincare routine but also way better for your wallet!

Super Saturated

Where does this fit into my routine?

Typically, we recommend using Super Saturated as your first step after cleansing.  If you’re using any toners or treatment products, you can apply Super Saturated after as your second step.

Is Super Saturated vegan?

Yep! This delicious blue goo is vegan and does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

Is this product lightweight?

We call Super Saturated our “heavy weight champ” for a reason! Formulated for those looking for more from their hydrating serums, Super Saturated is a concentrated product with high levels of humectants. This means it has a richer texture, and a little goes a long way.

Hot chemist tip: You can mix Super Saturated into your lighter weight serums, or apply on damp/wet skin, to thin out the texture a bit without compromising on efficacy. It’s (almost) like two serum textures for the price of one… what a deal!

I’m sensitive to niacinamide! But this serum looks too good, I want to use it 🥲

We hear ya, our founders also have a similar problem! That’s why we included a gentle yet still effective percentage of niacinamide at 2%. This way, you still get the soothing and barrier supporting benefits, while also reducing risk of irritation if you’re sensitive to high levels of niacinamide. As always, patch test new products in your routine!

Can I use this product under Avant Guard?

Hell yes! We formulated this serum to give you the juiciest, most deeply hydrating masking experience possible. When using Super Saturated with Avant Guard, apply 3-4 pumps on damp skin before applying the mask. It’s truly chefs kiss 🤌

Hot chemist tip: if you have ultra dry desert skin (like me), try mixing Super Saturated with a moisturizer under AG.  Sooo nourishing.

Is this suitable for oily, acne prone skin?

Super Saturated was created specifically to relieve dry, sensitive skin, but we kept all skin types in mind when formulating.  All ingredients were screened for comedogenicity, but it’s always safe to patch test if you’re unsure!


Is this product lightweight?

The best way to describe the texture of Buffer Jelly is between a facial oil and a balm… but we not-so-secretly think it’s a little jelly-like. So it’s going to feel a teeny bit heavier than a traditional oil, but much lighter than a balm! Plus, the finish is soft, emollient, and glowy, without feeling greasy, sticky, or thick like traditional slugging ointments.

Is it suitable for oily, acne-prone skin?

Buffer Jelly was created specifically to relieve dry, sensitive, compromised skin, but we kept all skin types in mind when formulating. All ingredients were screened for comedogenicity, but it’s always safe to patch test if you’re unsure!

Can I use this over acne treatments?

Because Buffer Jelly is semi-occlusive, it doesn’t completely ‘trap’ actives and enhance penetration/irritation like pure petrolatum. However, everyone’s skin is different so we recommend patch testing if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Where does this fit into my routine?

There are a few ways to use Buffer Jelly! You can ‘micro-slug’ by applying at the end of your skincare routine, or mix into a moisturizer for a boost of occlusion.

Do I need to use a moisturizer with Buffer Jelly?

Nope! Buffer Jelly can be used directly after application of toners/serums. But you can also DIY a custom moisturizer by mixing it into your fave hydrating serum, like Super Saturated. So experiment freely and get your goo on!

Can I use this product under Avant Guard?

Avant Guard is meant to occlude moisture (aka water), so it’s best when used with water based products. However, you can apply Buffer Jelly directly after masking - no moisturizer needed!

Chemist Tip: We love mixing a drop or two of Buffer Jelly into a hydrating serum - like Super Saturated - for an ultra nourishing masking experience.


How do you validate your sustainability stats?

Great question! We firmly believe brands of the future have an obligation to always be optimizing their sustainability goals. But all too often, brands fall prey to greenwashing out of genuine ignorance or due to marketing motives.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Bluebird, an independent sustainability intelligence company on a mission to prevent greenwashing and decarbonize consumer goods. They analyze our entire supply chain, sales projections, and product usage to give us a real time snapshot of how we’re doing on carbon emissions and waste. They verify all our sustainability claims and are our guardrails against greenwashing. They also help us make decisions on the most sustainable choices for packaging and other fun things.

I’m a content creator, I’d love to work with you! Who do I talk to?

Love to hear it. Shoot us an email: and introduce yourself!